Leetcode_6 - ZigZag Conversion 解题报告




We observation "PAYPALISHIRING" the index bellow。


P(0) I(6) N(12)

A(1) L(5) S(7) I(11) G(13)

Y(2) A(4) H(8) R(10)

P(3) I(9)

1)Top row index is 0,6,12 and the step is 6,the bottom row index is 3,9 and the step is 6.The relation to "numRows=4" is (numRows-1)*2
2)The second row index is 1,5,7,11,13 and the step is 4,2,4,2
3)The third row index is 2,4,8,10 and the step is 2,4,2
4)The step row start is 6,4,2,6
5)So we found the law,the edge step is fixed 6,the inner adjacency step sum is 6.

Following is the code:

//use this  method to speed the  input stringauto speed=[]()
    cout.tie(nullptr);    return nullptr;
class Solution {public:  
    string convert(string s, int numRows) {  
        int m=s.size();        if(numRows==1 || numRows>=m){  
             return s;
        string ret="";        
        int base_step=(numRows-1)*2;        
        for(int i = 0; i < numRows; i++){            
            int step = base_step;            
            if(i != 0 && i != numRows - 1){  
                //Inner rows step start
                step = i * 2;
            int offset=i;            
            while(offset < m){
                    //Inner rows need to change the step
                    step = base_step - step;
                offset += step;
        return ret;



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